Albert Hall Launceston


Buffet price table

3 course 100 PAX $66.00 per person
2 course 100 PAX $56.00 per person
3 course 80 PAX $66.00 per person
2 course 80 PAX $56.00 per person
3 course 60 PAX $74.00 per person
2 course 60 PAX $65.00 per person
3 course 40 PAX $82.00 per person
2 course 40 PAX $72.00 per person


(select 2 – served as alternative service)

~Pumpkin and sweet potato

~Chicken Chilli and Lime

~Potato and Leek

~Chicken and Corn

(Served with fresh crusty bread)


(Select 2 – served alternative service)

~Cajun Chicken on Mediterranean salad and dressed with garlic aioli

~Seafood salad with avocado on a bed of lettuce tossed through a lemon pepper mayonnaise.

~Marinated lamb fillets on a salad of mescalin lettuce, Spanish onion, olives, orange segments and fresh mint and coriander.

~Thai Fish cakes with sweet chilli lime dipping sauce ~Asian Beef Salad Served with Lemongrass & Coconut Dressing

~Tasmanian Salmon Nicoise Salad

~Roasted Vegetable Tartlet, Herb Salad & Walnut Vinaigrette

~Classic Caesar Salad with Crispy Pancetta & Garlic Croutons, Shaved Parmesan & Quail Egg

~Grilled Tiger Prawns, Mediterranean Potato Salad, Gazpacho sauce & red capsicum oil

Main Course Buffet includes:

Choice of 2 meats (pork, chicken, lamb or beef) Roast potato and a medley roasted root vegetables, assorted bread, gravy and condiments



~German potato Assortment of fresh breads

Dessert Selection

(Select 2 – served alternative service)

~Lindt Chocolate layered Tart with vanilla bean cream & fresh strawberries

~Lemon & Lime tart served with fresh Berries & Almond Praline

~Vanilla Panna-Cotta served with fresh Berries & king island cream

~Apple & Blueberry Strudel served with brandy custard

~Tiramisu Served with Fresh Berries

~Summer pudding served with a Passion fruit coulis & king island cream

Tea and Coffee included with 2 and 3 course Buffet Menus.